About the Company

We are a trading company dealing with the distribution of inorganic chemistry products. In  our business activities, we have successfully continue the tradition of the former Czechoslovak sole manufacturer of pigments and fillers (Hrušovské chemické závody, n.p.) and have been active in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe for more than 20 years. We provide our domestic and foreign customers with raw materials that are used in many branches of industry, from the chemical and food industries to the metallurgical and electrical industries.


One of our main goals is to ensure stability of supply. We prefer co-operation with partners based on long-term relationships and mutual trust. We represent the proven product quality of renowned manufacturers.
We have four warehouses that allow us to flexibly respond to customer requirements, and our own laboratory allows us to conduct sample analyzes of purchased chemicals.

Trade and cooperation

We specialize in white inorganic pigments and fillers that are used in many branches of industry. In the field of fillers, the products offered include synthetic barium sulphate or blanc fixe, which occupies an important position in the production of paints, paper, printing inks, plastics, etc. We also offer natural barium sulphate including micronized grade.

Pigments such as lithopone, titanium white, Litiba and zinc white are used mainly in the manufacture of paints, plastics, ceramics, fillers, and construction materials.

During our almost thirty years of existence on the market, we have entered into partnerships with many major manufacturers at the forefront of not only the chemical industry. Our longstanding business partners include Golden Dragon Chemicals based in Singapore, Crimea Titan (Ukraine), Sinochem Shanghai Corp. (China) and the world-renowned company Solvay (Italy), which we represent in the distribution of inorganic fillers. 

The history of our company

1990  The launch of our business under the trade name Čestmír Káňa – Learka

1995 The import, export and distribution of products from the field of inorganic chemistry become our long-term program.

1997 Learka successfully linked to the business side of the former sole Czechoslovak producer of fillers, decolorizing and bleaching agents.

1998 Establishment of Learka Comp. Ltd., as a successor organization and expansion to foreign, Central European markets

2000 Transformation of a company into a joint stock company

2001 Realization of investment in the development of personnel resources, marketing, advertising and lobbying to increase business influence.

2002 Introduction of new commodities on the market, eg titanium white, which ranks amongst the stable range of products and represents a significant share of the company’s sales turnover

2003 We gradually gain dominant position as the leading supplier of renowned colour manufacturers thanks to the new products, increased activity on the Central European market and new bidding

2004 New grades, micro- and submicronized species under the name Blanc fixe JM3B and  Submicron were added

2005 Increasing investment in further developing market opportunities, creating new jobs, accelerating and improving the transparency of provided business services to our customers due to positive and increased economic results

2006 Expansion of the company’s product range with other products, quality verification and the possibility of marketing on the market of titanium dioxide of the rutile type.

2011 Our product range was completed with Litiba pigment (LTB)

2013 The company received a REACH registration for Blanc fixe

2014 Preparation of REACH registration of other chemicals

2016 The EU Regulation temporarily prohibited the import of titanium dioxide from Crimea Titan

2018 The company received REACH registration for ZnS (for Lithopone)